Five Ways to Find More Time in Your Day

Where did the day go? This is a question asked by millions of people daily, and the problem of wasted time is continually growing. There are, however, things that you can do to ensure that the time that you have each day is not wasted. Every minute of your day can be productive in one way or another.

1. Get Organized and Prepared. If your home and office are cluttered, you wake up each day wondering what you are going to wear, and you arrive at the office wondering what you will start your workday with, you are wasting loads of time. If you really want to save time, get your home and office organized. Everything should have a place, and be in its place when not being used. Get a date book and make a schedule for each day. Know what you will be doing tomorrow before tomorrow arrives, including what you will be wearing. Make notes with items that need to be covered well before scheduled meetings.

2. Set Device Limits. Devices are small and portable these days. Mistakenly, most people think that this is more convenient and time-saving. While it may be more convenient, it certainly is not time-saving. Set time limits for the activities that you do on your devices, such as frequenting social media sites, even if this is something that you must do for your job or business. It is easy to lose track of time and to become distracted when we are using our phones and tablets. Schedule time for social media, chats, and other online activities.

3. Avoid Time Sucking People. You do not want to be rude, but you must be wise with your time. These people usually do not have their thoughts organized before they start talking, or they are not focused on the task and they stand around talking to you about unimportant, unrelated topics. Even if you continue to do the task, you are being distracted – and irritated. This is slowing you down, and wasting time. It is not easy, but you must avoid these people.

4. Set a Time for Phone Calls. Phone calls can also take up a lot of time unnecessarily. If you need to get an egg timer, do so – but you probably have a stopwatch on one of your many devices. Before you make that next call, make sure that you know exactly what the call concerns. Organize your thoughts on the matter, and determine how long the call should last. You may have to learn how to rush people off the call, but the time you save will be well worth it. Try to schedule a time to make and return calls at a specific time each day. Save personal calls for your nonworking hours.

5. Set a Time for Relaxation – Relaxation is important to your overall physical and mental health. You must have time each day to wind down, or to wind up – or both. Start your day with coffee and the newspaper, and make sure that you are not interrupted with work-related matters. At the end of the day, disconnect and relax with your family. Note that sometimes relaxation takes practice.

Time is valuable, and in the end, it is really all we have that truly matters. You cannot recover the time that you waste or lose. You must protect your time just as you would protect crown jewels. When you practice, you should find that you will have more time each day to do other things.

Now bookmark this page, add it to your reading list or print it and pin it to your wall so you can take action.

-Blue Sky Ideation