3 Ways Blockchain Will Make the Social Fabric of America Great Again

Blockchain is not just a sophisticated technology. It has untapped potential as the next Hands Across America. Case in point—my client Jamil Hasan’s new book.

In this international best-seller, Jamil provides case study after case study demonstrating how blockchain technology engages and benefits people from all walks of life. Because blockchain transactions are unchangeable, they cannot be copied, making blockchain the most secure—and permanent—financial tool on the planet.

As such, it can improve the lives of every man, woman, and child who uses it as a bridge to greater opportunities, Jamil says. In the book, he shows how people can leverage blockchain technology to:

  • Turn their unused rewards points—literally—into financial gold
  • Pay kids to get involved in after-school programs, keeping them off the street and allowing them to accumulate funds (in indelible cryptocurrency) for their education and initial forays into the working world
  • Utilize the millions of hours of lost experience each time a professional ages out of the workforce, giving them a way back into productivity

Blockchain Brings Equity, Equality, and Opportunity

Because the blockchain provides anonymity within its community, it provides equity in its transactions. Its democratic nature gives all participants in the chain a voice.

In blockchain, no one gets shoved to the margins. Jamil shows this through the stories of those whose lives were forever changed by the technology.

At Blue Sky Ideation, we saw the potential for this book—and for the transformative change it can bring to people’s lives. We arranged for Jamil to secure an interview on NASDAQ.

With that interview came more opportunities to spread the word about blockchain’s potential to level the playing field for all Americans. Jamil is available for interviews to discuss his book and the promise blockchain holds for the nation and the world.

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But there’s no magic involved. We base our work on the results we get for our clients.

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